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Black Sandal

Black sandal indian incense sticks :-

Black sandal Indian incense sticks is a natural duet that means, a combination two varities consisting of new modern art of sandal perfumed Indian incense sticks & another one is Indian tradtional incense sticks called as flora agarbatti.

Black sandal incense sticks will be consiting of 5 sticks of Indian traditional flora agarbatti & 20 sticks of Indian black perfumed scented sticks. Both modern and traditional are sandal fragrances only.

Indian traditional flora agarbatti: -
Ingredients for these traditional flora agarbattis are natural forest based materials to great extent consisting of natural essential oils, seeds, leaves, flowers, odoriferous roots, barks, herbs, gums and resigns, charcoal, jigat, natural honey are mixed with a pure blend of traditional perfume and hand rolled on hand selved bamboo sticks.
Indian Incense sticks :-
Raw materials for black perfumed Indian incense sticks is consisting of powdered wood, charcoal, jigat are been mixed with water and this mixture forms a black paste and it is rolled on bamboo sticks. For these raw sticks will be hand dipped in a sandal perfume, where the Perfume is consisting of essential oils, mineral oils, resinods, different flavors of the aroma and aromatic chemicals,
These 9” sticks burns for more than 25 mints and retains perfume for more than 4 hours in closed room, everything depending upon climatic & weather conditions
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